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Corinne has put together a wealth of information and tools to help people who have experienced spiritual awakenings to move forward on their journeys with greater understanding and/or healing. She is a living testament to the tips and techniques she shares. Many people teach, but not all embody what they are teaching, as she does.

- Rebecca Williams

This is a great guide for novices spiritual warriors as well as more advanced practitioners who want a jolt out of their routine. The journaling exercises alone are well worth the price of admission. Look forward to more from this author.

- Emmanual Callahan

Corinne Lebrun is truly a gem. She was the perfect guide--she understood exactly where I was at and gave me tools to take my practice to the next level. Corinne shares herself authentically and shows up fully-she will teach you how to raise your hands to the sky while keeping your feet on the ground. Thank you Corinne!

--Nicole Belle